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The Criminal Law Section is the home for state and federal prosecutors, public defenders, and private bar defense attorneys representing clients in the criminal justice system. Members discuss public policy issues impacting the practice, including state legislation and changes in court rules and procedures. The Section also creates educational programming to keep members updated on new developments and best practices.

Criminal Justice

We believe that the primary concern of a criminal justice system should be promoting public safety and ensuring fair treatment for all people. We have a long history of advocating for issues related to sentencing, reentry and parole, and improving the accuracy and reliability of the criminal justice system.

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CORI Sealing Project

A critical service for low-income clients who have questions about their criminal records, this program connects volunteers with individuals interested in sealing their records, helping them take back control of their lives.

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Criminal Record Sealing Clinic.

Section Leadership

Jamie Charles

Jamie Charles

Section Co-Chair Middlesex County District Attorney's Office
Jeffrey Garland

Jeffrey Garland

Section Co-Chair Committee for Public Counsel Services
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