From Dacier's Take: Dacier’s Take on . . . “One Mission: Justice with Dignity and Speed”

Mention the term “strategic plan” and eyes may glaze over. Detailed by their very nature, these documents do not make for light reading. The other risk of a strategic plan is that despite the best of intentions, it may end up on a shelf gathering dust. Still, no institution can maximize strengths, leverage opportunities, address weaknesses, and prepare to deal constructively with threats to its future without a plan.

With 7 court departments and 379 judges who deliver justice in 101 courthouses across the state, the Massachusetts Trial Court is a major institution affecting every person in Massachusetts.  So we applaud the Trial Court for keeping its strategic plan, “One Mission: Justice with Dignity and Speed,” front and center.  Under the leadership of Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey and Court Administrator Harry Spence, judges and court staff meet regularly to track progress in implementing the plan adopted last June.

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