This section draws experienced IP lawyers, transactional attorneys and litigators in private practice, as well as in-house lawyers at businesses, educational and research institutions and government agencies. Discussions and programming cover all facets of IP law, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property Law Committees

  • Arts, Entertainment and Sports Law Committee
    This committee provides resources for lawyers who represent clients in the arts, in entertainment and in associated industries, including visual artists, writers, publishers, film and TV producers, songwriters, music producers and publishers, performing artists and those involved in other creative pursuits.
  • Intellectual Property Basics Committee
    The IP Basics Committee offers programming on beginner and intermediate topics in IP, based on the core topics of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, and Licensing, and supplemented by other relevant, appropriate topics.
  • Intellectual Property Law Committee
    This committee brings together lawyers from diverse IP law fields, including patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and transfer of technology, know-how and publicity rights law.
  • Intellectual Property Litigation Committee
    This committee provides education concerning the enforcement of patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secrets rights, as well as the defense of those accused of infringing on such rights, in federal and state courts, the International Trade Commission, and the USPTO.
  • International Intellectual Property Law Committee
    This committee develops programming concerning IP law developments outside the United States. In particular, the committee liaises with foreign counsel and IP experts outside the United States to develop programming for the BBA with a local law perspective.

    Contact Information

    Nathan Harris

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  • Internet & Technology Law Committee
    This committee covers information technology topics including software licensing, cybersecurity, data protection and sharing, free speech on the Internet, and legal issues related to cloud computing.
  • Steering Committee
    The leadership committee of the Section organizes programs and discusses policy. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Section Co-Chairs.