From Issue Spot - 2012: A Glimpse at the Year Ahead

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Issue Spot is looking ahead to 2012 and has put together a calendar of upcoming dates for the second half of the legislative session.  January marks the beginning of the second year in the two-year session.  The BBA will continue to work on advancing important bills that have already enjoyed some progress in the last year – whether that means they have had a public hearing or have been reported favorably from the committees to which they were originally assigned.  These bills include the Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code, technical corrections to the Uniform Probate Code, a statute allowing post-conviction access to DNA testing, and the income tax “step-up.”

The Judiciary Committee – the committee that has jurisdiction over the majority of the BBA’s bills – still has five hearings left to schedule before March.  The upcoming hearings will include bills that fall into the categories of real estate, criminal procedure, torts, constitutional issues and the catch-all category of miscellaneous and late file bills.

In addition to keeping an eye on legislation in the next few months and working to move our legislative priorities over the finish line, the BBA will closely monitor the state budget for FY 2013. Throughout the budget process, the BBA will continue to advocate for issues that impact the criminal justice system, including the Judiciary’s budget and legal services.

Click here to read the full article at Issue Spot, including the 2012 judicial calendar.