From Beyond the Billable: The Boston Debate League – An Invitation to Feel Good About Doing Good

If you are anything like me and you look forward to stepping away from a busy litigation practice on weekends to run a 5K for a charity or hit the gym then you know how these tune-ups can recalibrate your heart and mind. But what about your soul? Well, I’ve got an invitation for you.

Two years ago, the BBA joined in a partnership with an amazing program that has taken flight in the public schools of our capital city called the Boston Debate League. As lawyers we all know a thing or two about a healthy intellectual exchange and you will never feel more engaged than you will working with these remarkable students who are just thirsting to tap into your talent and bursting with enthusiasm. The students put in long hours over months methodically preparing to debate a topical issue which is played out under your direction in a series of competitive rounds in which you will share your own unique gifts of structure, guidance and inspiration.

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