Family Law Section to Submit Comments to the Child Support Guidelines Task Force

Monday, July 30, 2012

The BBA Family Law Section Steering Sub-Committee has been tasked with compiling comments concerning the MA Child Support Guidelines to be submitted to the Child Support Guidelines Task Force on behalf of the BBA Family Law Section. Are there any provisions of the Child Support Guidelines which you believe need clarification?

Do you have any concerns regarding the changes to the Guidelines which were implemented in 2009 (e.g., consideration of both parties' incomes in determining the total amount of support, multiple family scenarios, inclusion of overtime/second job income, child support when the parties share physical custody, circumstances in which deviation from the Guidelines is appropriate)?

Do you have concerns about the amount of the order resulting from certain scenarios, or about the interplay between child support and alimony?

If so, or if you have any other comments, you are invited to email your submission for consideration by the BBA Family Law Section. If you suggest specific changes to the Guidelines, please reference specific sections and include new proposed language, in addition to your reasons for the proposed change. For your reference, the Child Support Guidelines can be found here.

No later than July 31, 2012, please email all comments to Francine Gardikas at with the subject "BBA Child Support Guidelines Comment." Please keep in mind that although the Family Law Section will consider all comments received, not all comments may be included in the ultimate submission to the Task Force on behalf of the BBA.