The Family Law Section is dedicated to maintaining relationships with the courts, peers, and other parties invested in family law. Section members discuss current issues and problem areas; assist in efforts to improve law and procedures, and host educational programs to facilitate a comprehensive understanding of existing law.

September 2019 Middlesex Probate and Family Court Calendar

Family Law Committees

  • Family Law CLE and Brown Bag Committee
    Help develop relevant and innovative Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs focusing on current issues in Family Law.

    Contact Information

    Timothy Braughler

    Mirick O'Connell

    (617) 391-2164

    Laura M. Unflat

    The Law Office of Laura M. Unflat

    (781) 237-4600

  • Family Law Communications Committee
    This committee publishes information relevant to the family law bar. If you are interested in an editorial position or writing for the newsletter or blog, contact the Co-Chairs.

    Contact Information

    Jennifer Silva

    Mavrides Law

    (617) 723-9900

    Grace C. Roessler

    Mirick O'Connell

    (617) 261-2417

  • Family Law Divorce Fundamentals Committee
    Help develop relevant and innovative educational sessions focusing on the fundamentals of divorce.

    Contact Information

    Kate Barry

    Greater Boston Legal Services

    (617) 371-1234

    Jennifer Sevigney Durand

    Durand Family Law LLC

  • Family Law Legislation and Public Policy Committee
    The BBA is very active in legislative and regulatory changes in the law. Family law attorneys are asked to lend their expertise.

    Contact Information

    Gayle Stone-Turesky

    Sugarman, Rogers, Barshak & Cohen, P.C.

    (617) 227-3030

    Peter G. Coulombe

    Massachusetts Department of Revenue

    (617) 626-4157

    Elizabeth A. Roberts

    Roberts & Sauer LLP

    (781) 825-8400

  • Family Law Public Service Committee
    This committee focuses on educating and training members about various pro bono opportunities. The committee also organizes community service and student outreach projects for the section.

    Contact Information

    Alana Holly

    Tomasino Legal Group, LLC

    Kyle T. MacDonald

    Verrill Dana LLP

    (617) 309-2600

    Cindy Palmquist

    Volunteer Lawyers Project

    (617) 423-0648

  • Steering Committee
    The leadership committee of the Section organizes programs and discusses policy. To inquire about opportunities, please contact the Section Co-Chairs.