Anatomy of a Success Story: Tavares Brewington's Vision

Perhaps better than anybody else, Tavares Brewington could understand the perspective of the 58 Boston teenagers waiting to embark on their first day of work through the BBA Summer Jobs Programs. In his keynote speech at the program’s kickoff, he spoke openly about his background: born in Southern Florida, surrounded by gang violence and raised by a single mother, Brewington overcame the obstacles of his youth to become a partner at Prince Lobel Tye. Here is a brief recap of his journey, what he learned throughout it, and why he is so passionate to share this message with the students who, as he shared with a smile, reminded him of himself:

• “Tavares, What’s Your Vision?” After moving from Florida to western Massachusetts at the age of 14, Brewington had a whole new set of challenges to face. When he approached his mother for help and advice, she would always respond with “Tavares, What’s Your Vision?” Tavares explained: “What she meant was to not focus on the now, focus on where you want to go and what you want to have happen.”

• Turning It Around: With this new frame of mind, Tavares worked to improve his failing grades and entered the College of the Holy Cross as an honors student and scholar athlete.

• Why the Law? “Lawyers are empowered through their training and the honor of the profession to help others create and achieve their vision… A significant part of being a lawyer is helping clients figure out what they want to do with their business and how they impact the community—it’s not just courtrooms, judges, and juries.”

• From Pro Football to the US Attorney’s Office: After a tour in Europe playing professional football, Tavares worked at Nixon Peabody, then served as an Assistant US. Attorney, specializing in cases that targeted firearm and drug trafficking. He made this change to better serve the community; along the way, he met other legal professionals “who dedicated their lives and their vision to justice and the integrity of the legal system.”

• The Difference a Vision Makes: Beyond sharing his story, Tavares motivated the students to take control of their own lives and reshape how they approach work and life in general. “When you do your job, don’t just ask how to do it,” he advised. “Ask why it is important and what you are trying to achieve… you will see the beauty of the profession.”

The BBA would like to extend a special thanks to Tavares for sharing his inspirational story with 58 Summer Jobs Students as they start journeys of their own.