The New Antitrust-Global Foreign Investment and National Security Screening

An overview of developments in foreign investment and national security screening....
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Disclosure, Financing, and Executive Compensation Basics for New and Aspiring Public Company Executives

05/13/2021 - 12:00 PM to 02:00 PM
This program is designed for new or aspiring public company executives who are interested in learning the basics in disclosure matters, financings, and executive compensation....
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Planning for the Transfer of Ownership and Operating Control of a Privately-Held Business from One Generation to the Next

This CLE will focus on planning for the transfer of ownership and operating control of a privately held business from one generation to the next....
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The New World of Stockholder Litigation and Why Your Board Minutes Matter

04/28/2021 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Over the last decade, stockholder litigation involving Delaware companies has been transformed by a surge in the use of the “tools at hand” available to plaintiffs before filing suit—books and records inspection demands....
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Covid-19’s Impact on M&A: Lessons and Best Practices

03/03/2021 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
The panel will discuss the impact of Covid-19 on private company mergers and acquisitions, including best practices in negotiating deal terms and lessons learned from doing deals during the pandemic....
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POSTPONED: Alternative Exit Strategies: The SPAC Is Back

02/26/2021 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Please join us to discuss the booming SPAC market, including recent trends, and a deeper dive into the deSPAC process and key considerations in a business combination....
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Speed Networking with Business Transactions Attorneys

02/03/2021 - 03:00 PM to 05:00 PM
This event gives law students and new lawyers a unique opportunity to meet with several Boston-area business transactions attorneys in just one evening....
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Recent Developments in COVID-19 Business Interruption Litigation

01/21/2021 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
Please join us for a lively discussion of recent decisions addressing insurance coverage for COVID-19 business interruption claims, as well as a look forward to potential developments in COVID-19 claims and litigation...
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