Clerks’ Insights on Covid Changes and Electronic Filing in Superior Court Civil Cases

Join us for a panel discussion on a number of topics including e-filing and COVID-related changes in Superior Court practices in civil cases, and what to expect in a post-pandemic future....
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Friday Fundamentals: Do’s and Don’ts of Depositions

02/19/2021 - 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM
A panel of experienced practitioners will discuss their experiences taking and defending depositions and will share valuable insight into preparing for depositions, effectively questioning deponents and objecting while defending a deposition....
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Tick Tock for Lawyers: Effectively Litigating Statute of Limitations Issues

This program will explore various statute of limitations-related issues and defenses and will provide insight into what constitutes effective advocacy of these issues, including consideration of the optimal time in the life of a case to assert statute of limitations defenses....
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Best Practices in Class Action Mediation: What Advocates Need to Know

This CLE panel will discuss the pros and cons of mediating class actions and the best timing tactics and strategic considerations for the participants....
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Enforcing Contracts During A Pandemic: Surveying the Initial Judicial Response to Covid-19 Contract Defenses

Please join us for a panel discussion about the initial court decisions in Massachusetts, and across the country, to evaluate the applicability and validity of these contract defenses to Covid-19 and its regulatory fallout....
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