BBA News Release: As New Law Goes into Effect on January 2, Lawyer Volunteers Will Ease Impact on Courts

Friday, December 9, 2011

Following more than a decade of zealous advocacy by the Boston Bar Association (BBA) in partnership with the Massachusetts Bar Association to reform an outdated probate system, the Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code will go into effect on January 2, 2012. This new law makes the estate administration process simpler, more efficient and, in some cases, less expensive. 

"Longstanding probate law and procedures will change dramatically when the MUPC takes effect, replacing 15 chapters from our current laws on estate administration," said Peter M. Shapland, Co-Chair of the BBA Trusts & Estates Section Pro Bono Committee and a partner at Day Pitney LLP. "Inevitably the change in the law will create a period of uncertainty and even confusion for trusts and estates lawyers as well as pro se petitioners while the community adjusts to the new laws, rules and forms."

As an overburdened and underfunded Massachusetts Probate & Family Court works diligently to prepare for the January 2, 2012 implementation of those portions of the new Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC) pertaining to estates and trusts, the BBA today announced that its Trusts and Estates Section will join forces with the Massachusetts Bar Association's (MBA) Probate Section to provide help easing the transition to this new system of laws.

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