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Our Focus

Access to Justice

Access to justice means ensuring adequate funding for both civil legal services for the poor and for the courts, so that those who need to turn to the justice system to protect their rights or resolve their disputes will find the sufficient staff and resources to assist them.

Criminal Justice

The BBA believes that the primary concern of a criminal justice system should be promoting public safety and ensuring fair treatment for all citizens. In pursuit of this goal, the BBA has a long history of advocating for policies which are consistent, fiscally responsible and guarantee that the administration of justice in Massachusetts is impartial.

Civil Rights & Civil Liberties

The Massachusetts Constitution — the nation's first and oldest — stands as a beacon for fair and equal treatment under the law for every citizen. It is fitting, then, that the BBA has a long record of voicing opposition to and mobilizing resources against threats to civil rights and civil liberties. Our work in this area spans affirmative action, the right to vote, and same-sex marriage. It also includes the right to privacy, freedom of speech, the balance between liberty and security.

Children & Families

The BBA is attentive to legislative matters regarding the care, protection, and support of children, as well as other family-related legal issues. Our vibrant Family Law Section frequently concerns itself with procedural and administrative matters relating to the Probate and Family Court and maintains a continuing dialogue with its judges.


The BBA believes that the rights of immigrants must be protected and upheld. In 2018, the BBA established a set of four principles that define its core values with regard to immigration-related issues, which will serve as a foundation for the BBA’s ongoing engagement in this area. You can read more about these principles and our other immigration-related positions here. Thanks to a grant from the Boston Bar Foundation, we have also made translated copies of these principles available in five languages.

Practice of Law

The BBA inspires the vigorous pursuit of ideas, critical analysis and civic engagement in order to advance the practice of law as a business and a profession and has always worked to integrate opportunities for dynamic change and to exercise judgment and creativity in offering solutions for problems.

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As a well-known innovator and opinion leader, the BBA is at the forefront of promoting justice and improving access to the legal system in Massachusetts. The Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court, the Uniform Probate Code, and our successful argument asserting the First Amendment rights of private parties, including bar associations, found in the R.E.B.A. v. N.R.E.I.S amicus brief are just three of the positive changes we have helped make a reality.