• REDACTED_Application for Review of Discharge from the United States Air Force
    PDF, 879.72 KB
  • Opinion 2012-1
    PDF, 70.15 KB
    Lawyer Referral Service Procedure
  • Opinion 2008-1
    PDF, 45.35 KB
    Bankruptcy Pro Bono Initiative
  • Opinion 2004-1
    PDF, 23.60 KB
    The "do's and don'ts" of revealing "conflict-checking information."
  • Opinion 2002-B
    PDF, 18.08 KB
    Under what circumstances should a lawyer working in a non-lawyer capacity for a business corporation that provides financial planning services to customers accept occasional engagement as a lawyer by the customers?
  • Opinion 2001-B
    PDF, 95.83 KB
    Lawyer for a day conflicts.
  • Opinion 2001-A
    PDF, 98.51 KB
    Contingent fees in domestic relations matters.
  • Opinion 1999-B
    PDF, 111.59 KB
    Ownership of an affiliated business entity by a law firm.
  • Opinion 1998-A
    PDF, 62.05 KB
    May lawyers provide pro bono representation to complainants before the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination? (issues conflicts; appearance of impropriety)
  • Opinion 1997-1
    PDF, 52.71 KB
    Disposition of settlement proceeds; client funds accounts.
  • Opinion 1994-A
    PDF, 88.87 KB
    May a lawyer who has had a minimal role in defending a corporation in product liability cases at a "defense" firm accept employment at a "plaintiff's" firm?
  • Opinion 1993-5
    PDF, 93.90 KB
    Should a lawyer and his firm withdraw from pending litigation when the lawyer learns that he ought to be called as a witness on behalf of this client even though he has a long standing relationship with this client?
  • Opinion 1993-4
    PDF, 85.36 KB
    Frequent flier credits
  • Opinion 1993-3
    PDF, 62.09 KB
    What to do when a lawyer represents a company making a business transaction with a second company also represented by the same lawyer?
  • Opinion 1993-2
    PDF, 122.50 KB
    May a lawyer reveal and use client confidences or secrets from a prior professional relationship to collect a fee owed by the client?
  • Opinion 1993-1
    PDF, 111.05 KB
    Should the lawyer seek leave to withdraw if discharged by the client shortly before trial?
  • Opinion 1992-2
    PDF, 120.71 KB
    Under what circumstances may a former client be charged for photocopies of files?
  • Opinion 1992-1
    PDF, 86.56 KB
    What to do when the personal injury lawyer representing a minor has reason to believe the parent or guardian will squander or spend the money in a way not for the benefit of a minor?