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SUMMER 2018  |  Volume 62, Number 3
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Voice of the Judiciary
Extending Opportunities to Junior Lawyers in the Courtroom
by Hon. Janet L. Sanders
Case Focus
Grand Manor: Extending the Claims Period for Environmental Property Damage
by Dylan Sanders
Caplan v. Acton: Three Pence is Too Much (Sometimes)
by Kate R. Cook
Caplan v. Town of Acton: The Supreme Judicial Court’s Decision on Public Funding for Historic Preservation of Churches Deepens the Enigma of the Enigma of the Anti-Aid Amendment to the Massachusetts Constitution
by M. Patrick Moore
Legal Analysis
The Supreme Judicial Court Steps into the Complicated World of Student Mental Health
by Phil Catanzano
Case Focus
Education Reform: Doe v. Secretary of Education
by Ryan P. McManus
Case Focus
SCVNGR, Inc. v. Punchh, Inc.: The SJC Instructs Trial Courts and Litigants on Analyzing Challenges to Personal Jurisdiction
by Evan Fray-Witzer
Practice Tips
How to Hire a Domestic Worker and Stay Out of Trouble
by Andrea Peraner-Sweet
Legal Analysis
Distinguishing Employees’ “General Skill or Knowledge” From Protectable Trade Secrets Under Massachusetts Law
by Gregory S. Bombard and Adam M. Santeusanio
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