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SPRING 2017  |  Volume 61, Number 2
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President's Page
Legal Aid Funding Is Not “Wasted Money”
by BBA President Carol A. Starkey
“No more wasted money,” is how President Trump has characterized his proposal to cut $54 billion from the federal budget. To get there, the administration has placed the Legal Service Corporation (LSC) and its approximate $366 million in federal appropriations on the chopping block.
Voice of the Judiciary
Enhancing Families Through Literature: An Innovative Way To Decrease Conflict
by Hon. Richard A. Simons
Voice of the Judiciary
Can Judges Tweet? Judicial Ethics in the Social Media Age
by Hon. Robert B. Foster
Voices of the Judiciary
E-filing in the Massachusetts Courts: An Overview
by Hon. Maura S. Doyle, Francis V. Kenneally, Joseph Stanton and Kim J. Wright
Legal Analysis
SJC Remakes Search-and-Seizure Law to Keep Pace with Modern Realities of Smartphone Technology and Race Relations
by Ruth O’Meara-Costello and David Rangaviz
Case Focus
We Are Family: Partanen v. Gallagher Applies Chapter 209C to Protect Children of Never-married LGBTQ Families
by Patience Crozier
The Profession
Go Solo, You (Probably) Won't Starve!
by Tejal Mehta
Practice Tips
A Clear View of a Narrower Path: Examining the Baker Pardon Guidelines
by William G. Cosmas
Case Focus
Cardno Chemrisk v. Foytlin: Supreme Judicial Court Holds that Anti-SLAPP Law Protects Opinion Writing
by Jeffrey J. Pyle
Case Focus
Commonwealth v. Lawson and Commonwealth v. Griffin: Recent Changes in Criminal Responsibility and the Presumption of Sanity
by Crystal L. Lyons
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