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FALL 2016  |  Volume 60, Number 5
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President's Page
Harnessing Legal Talent in the "City of Innovation"
by BBA President Carol A. Starkey
As lawyers, even while in pursuit of professional excellence, we also need support and intellectual nourishment outside of our firms or organizations – to be, and remain, successful in this competitive industry. And for me, those resources always have been found at the BBA.
Voice of the Judiciary
Mental Health Courts: Providing Access to Treatment, Restoration of Human Dignity and Recovery with Justice
by Hon. Kathleen Coffey
Voice of the Judiciary
Boston Veterans Treatment Court: A Team Dynamic
by Hon. Eleanor C. Sinnott
Case Focus
Takeaways from Fisher II for University Admissions Policies
by Dean Richlin and Sarah Burg
Legal Analysis
A “New Way of Doing Business” Under the Public Records Law
by Jonathan M. Albano and Emma D. Hall
Legal Analysis
Magazu and the Expansion of Agency Power
by Sandra E. Lundy
Heads Up
Massachusetts Takes a “Wait And See” Approach to Rule 26 Discovery Rule Changes
by Nathalie K. Salomon
Legal Analysis
Motions to Unseal in Class Actions: Balancing the Public Interest in Access to Judicial Records Against a Party’s Interest in Secrecy
by Ian McLoughlin
The Profession
Beyond Arbitration and Mediation: Designing the Dispute Resolution Process to Fit the Situation
by Michael Zeytoonian
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