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WINTER 2016  |  Volume 60, Number 1
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President's Page
Helping to Create the “Practice Ready” Lawyer
by Lisa Arrowood
It breaks my heart to see people work very hard to do well both in college and law school, and then be unable to find employment. This is such a contrast to the situation not so very long ago when there were well-paying jobs galore. And so a big part of what I’m focusing on as President of the BBA is finding ways to help those people. Can we get them all jobs? No. But what we can do is help them become “practice ready.” We can help them build practical skills so they can represent regular people with regular legal needs. These are the clients who aren’t eligible for legal aid, but who still can’t afford most lawyers out there.
Voice of the Judiciary
The Federal Judicial Selection Process
by Hon. Allison D. Burroughs, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts
Heads Up
The Impact of Recent Revisions of the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct on Confidentiality
by Martin J. Newhouse and Jeffrey D. Woolf
Legal Analysis
Seeking Justice for the Erroneously Convicted: Assessing the First Decade of Compensation Claims under Chapter 258D
by David Hartnagel
Legal Analysis
Watershed Changes to Eyewitness Identification Law in Massachusetts
by Scott P. Lopez & Lauren J. Weitzen
The Profession
Raising the Bar on Sentencing Policy: The Massachusetts Sentencing Commission
by Hon. John Lu, Massachusetts Superior Court and Kevin Riley
Heads Up
The Rise of the On Demand Economy: The Tension between Current Employment Laws and Modern Workforce Realities
by Nancy Cremins
Legal Analysis
A Practical Guide to MassHealth Estate Recovery
by Joseph Belza, Ingrid Schroffner and Matthew Taylor
Case Focus The SJC Addresses the Use of Website Pages to Examine Experts
by Dave Kluft
Heads Up
Recent Amendments to the Superior Court Rules and Standing Orders
by Heather Baer
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