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FALL 2015  |  Volume 59, Number 4
Special Privacy Edition
Foreword from the Editors
In our digital age, technology has brought attention to “privacy” in unprecedented ways. And privacy, although a term frequently used, has no set meaning. Ready electronic access to information, for instance, raises questions about the misuse of public records (and, more broadly, whether one can or should ever be forgotten), while lack of access raises concerns about government abuse going unobserved. Near-daily stories of data breaches now have a connection to matters that are surprisingly close to home, as the “internet of things” means that even our home appliances are collecting and sharing our goings-on. Businesses need to consider not only whether they are adequately protected against cyberattacks, but also whether they have adequate cyber insurance in place. In this special issue, we reflect on these timely and compelling questions.
The Boston Bar Journal Board of Editors
Practice Tips
Cyberattack Risk: Not Just For Personal Data
by Mark Szpak, Seth Harrington and Lindsey Sullivan
Practice Tips
Cyber/Privacy Insurance: A Very Brief Primer
by Alan M. Reisch
Legal Analysis
Public Access to Electronic Judicial Records
by Jonathan M. Albano
Heads Up
The Misuse of MassCourts as a Free Tenant Screening Device
by Esme Caramello and Annette Duke
Legal Analysis
The Unwarranted Secrecy of Criminal Justice Information in Massachusetts
by Jeffrey J. Pyle
The Profession
Making Sense of the Internet of Things
by Peter M. Lefkowitz
Heads Up
Assessing the Right to be Forgotten
by Daniel Lyons
A Weak Expressio: In DaRosa v. City of New Bedford, The SJC Serves A Diluted Version Of An Established Statutory Interpretation Rule
by David S. Clancy and Marley Ann Brumme
Practice Tips
Making “Good” Laws Through the Ballot Initiative Process
by Tori T. Kim
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