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Justice Decades in the Making

March 27, 2014

In mid-March, the Massachusetts SJC handed down Commonwealth v. Robert D. Wade, the first case that relied on the 2012 law codified at G.L.c. 278A “An Act providing access to forensic and scientific analysts.”  The court held for the defendant, granting him an evidentiary hearing on the use of post-conviction DNA tests of evidence collected in 1993.  In its decision, the SJC relied extensively on legislative history and legislative intent to interpret C. 278A.

We are pleased with the SJC’s ruling and proud to have played a role in this process over the course of nearly seven years. Here’s a brief recap:

Our work is having a real impact today.  Hard work of legal experts, persistence and patience with the legislative process really can advance the cause of justice and improve the criminal justice system.

– Jonathan Schreiber
Legislative and Public Policy Manager
Boston Bar Association