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Everything You Need to Know for Walk to the Hill

January 27, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We are, of course, referring to Walk to the Hill, the annual lobby day for civil legal aid. Scheduled for Thursday, January 30, it’s right around the corner. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a primer on the event…


Sponsored by the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation and the Equal Justice Coalition, the event is attended by over 500 attorneys. There will be speeches from BBA President Christine Netski, MBA President John Morrissey, legal aid clients, and SJC Chief Justice Ralph Gants. There will also be legislators … lots of them.


The event begins with registration and speeches in the Great Hall. Get ready to be inspired! It is impossible not to be moved when hearing about the impact of legal aid on the lives of so many people in need. After a boxed lunch, it’s on to legislative meetings. Don’t know your elected representatives? That’s perfectly fine – look them up here and make the introduction. Tell them how much legal aid means to you and why it is important that they support this year’s ask: a funding increase of $5 million, for a total of $29 million in FY21. This fact sheet provides some strong arguments you can use to make your case.

If you are ready for a deeper dive, check out Investing in Justice, the 2014 report of the BBA Statewide Task Force to Expand Civil Legal Aid in Massachusetts that laid the foundation for our campaign by conclusively demonstrating that:

  • More than 50% of individuals who qualify for legal aid and make it through the wait (roughly 50% of callers give up after being on hold for hours) are nevertheless turned away, solely due to a lack of adequate funding. Tens of thousands are turned away every year, which is especially concerning in areas of basic need such as housing and domestic violence.
  • Court procedures are bogged down and justice is frequently delayed or denied due to the glut of pro se litigants.
  • For every dollar spent on legal aid in the areas of domestic violence, federal benefits, and housing, the state and its residents see returns of $2 to $5, mostly on back-end savings such as shelter, police, and medical costs.

If you’re a social media buff, we’ve got you covered too. Fill out an “I Walk…” placard and tweet a picture using the #IWalkforJustice or #WalktotheHill hashtags. The EJC and others will be actively retweeting the best submissions.

Finally, sign up for action alerts here to get notified of key moments in the budget process and to get access to easy “plug-and-send” emails to officials. We will be promoting similar alerts on this blog and through your weekly BBA e-newsletter as well, so stay tuned!


Thursday, January 30, 2020 from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm in the State House’s Great Hall.


There are no bad reasons to Walk to the Hill. For many it is the recognition that lawyers play a special role in society and thus have a duty to serve others. For some it is because they recognize the great work legal aid in Massachusetts does for those in need, helping low-income individuals, the courts, and society at large. For others it is all about increasing access to justice or following up on their own pro bono efforts. Check out this Twitter page where dozens, including a number of #MAPOLI stars, shared why they walk. 

Many firms get in on the act, with firm captains leading the charge to round up as many partners and associates as they can to attend. However, if you do not have a group to walk with, you can join us at our annual pre-Walk to the Hill breakfast at the BBA. Join us on the morning of the Walk at 9:30am to hear from our Government Relations team on lobbying strategies, have a last chance to look up your legislators, and participate in the #IWalkForJustice social media campaign. We will head across the street to the State House together at 11. 

Thinking of trying to put together a group to attend the Walk? Here are some great ideas that work:

  • Offer pro bono credit
  • Ask for a commitment – calendar invites are really helpful
  • Get competitive: How does your department stack up against another? How about your firm vs. others?
  • Get personal – don’t just email friends and colleagues, actually talk to them in person.
  • Help your recruits prepare and coordinate the details for them.

We hope we’ve given you everything you need to know to have a great Walk to the Hill. We look forward to keeping you up to date on all the latest developments in the FY21 budget campaign.

– Lucia Caballero
Government Relations Assistant
Boston Bar Association