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November 22, 2019

Whistleblower Law Collaborative LLC Joins the BBA as a Sponsor Firm Member

Press Release

The Boston Bar Association is pleased to welcome the Whistleblower Law Collaborative as a new sponsor firm member. The firm joins the BBA’s community of 13,000 members, including more than 135 sponsor organizations drawn from law firms, in-house legal departments, government agencies, non-profits, and law schools.

Founded in 2003 by former government prosecutors, Suzanne E. Durrell and Robert M. Thomas Jr., the Whistleblower Law Collaborative represents whistleblowers nationwide in cases involving fraud against the government or the marketplace in areas such as health care, financial, and government program fraud. In 2017, they received the prestigious “Lawyer of the Year” award from Taxpayers Against Fraud Education Fund, a national public interest non-profit dedicated to combatting fraud against the government and protecting taxpayer funds through private-public partnerships.  The firm is now six attorneys strong, with the addition of former government attorneys David W.S. Lieberman, Linda C. Severin, Bruce C. Judge, and Erica Blachman Hitchings.

Though based in Boston, the firm has a national scope and its six former government attorneys have over 64 years of civil and criminal prosecutorial experience. Since its founding, the firm has helped the government recover over $6.5 billion through whistleblower actions. The firm’s attorneys share a passion for fighting fraud and helping clients seek justice. This passion is evident in their unwavering commitment not only to recovering monies on behalf of the government, but in sharing resources to the public, including tips and information on important laws and protections for whistleblowers.

“Whistleblowers are patriots who serve a critical function in our society. Laws encouraging and supporting whistleblowers have been on the books since the founding of our nation. Likewise, the BBA has a long and storied history going back to the founding of this nation, with patriots such as John Adams. We are proud to represent whistleblowers, as we are proud to support the important work of the BBA,” said Suzanne E. Durrell, co-founder of the firm.

Attorneys from the Whistleblower Law Collaborative have bolstered the BBA’s work in many ways over the years, most recently as we have expanded our offerings for Boston’s white-collar crime bar. The BBA has featured experts from the Whistleblower Law Collaborative as panelists for our annual White-Collar Crime Conference, Life Sciences Conference, and programs hosted by the BBA’s new White-Collar Crime Section and longstanding Health Law Section.

The firm has supported other important Boston Bar initiatives through participation on the Boston Bar Foundation Society of Fellows and through our Public Interest Leadership Program.

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