News Releases
September 15, 2022

Transfer of Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard Raises Concerns


We are closely monitoring the unfolding situation on Martha’s Vineyard, where about 50 migrants were dropped off unannounced yesterday, apparently having come from Texas through Florida. As we have stated in our Immigration Principles, “Immigrants play a critical role in the civic, economic, and cultural life of our city, state, and country [and] no person’s rights or human dignity should be devalued on the basis of immigration or citizenship status. … [We affirm] the longstanding commitment of the American legal profession to advocate fiercely on behalf of the human dignity and human rights of all.” Government officials, local service providers, and immigration attorneys have responded to the crisis, and we will alert our members if there is an appropriate role for volunteers to play in defending the migrants’ constitutional rights to due process and equal protection.