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July 13, 2023

Summer Fellows Gain Experience, Learn Skills and Broaden Perspectives Part 2


Eleven local law students are participating in the BBA’s DEI Summer Fellowship Program this summer, working in paid internships in public interest settings around the city.

This week we caught up with three Fellows and their supervisors to hear about their experiences, what they’ve learned, highlights from their fellowships, and the benefits of taking part in the DEI Fellowship program. They are:

Grant Ford
Boston College Law School
Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Angelina Lin
Boston University School of Law
City of Boston Office of Corporation Counsel

Esther Teresinski
Suffolk University Law School
U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of MA

Boston Bar Association: How have you found the Fellowship experience so far now that you’re a few months into the program?

Grant: I didn’t really know what to expect coming into this. I had some experience working in government before, but something I’ve been surprised by is just how kind and invested in my success and professional growth the entire staff is. I’ve gotten to see the law in different ways, and new insights into tax and litigation. It’s been a great experience so far.

Esther: It’s been incredible. Working so closely with Judge Bostwick and seeing what happens behind closed doors in a setting like this has been an amazing learning experience. Just being in this kind of professional setting and learning from people who have been doing this for many years, it’s already been such a valuable opportunity.

BBA: What has been a particular highlight of your Fellowship thus far?

Grant: More than anything, the people have been such a highlight. Getting to pick the brains of people who have been practicing the law longer than I’ve been alive, it’s been a great resource. I also had a chance to draft a memo which was reviewed by general counsel, and then to sit in on a meeting where they discussed my work. Getting to see that perspective and how they dissected my work from a new angle was super helpful.

Angelina: I’ve been able to help with some motions to dismiss, which has been new to me; before, I was only doing work like that as part of school assignments. Being able to work on an actual, real-life case has been really exciting. We’ve also had a chance to watch a lot of interesting cases. For example, we watched a case dealing with the Satanic Temple [which is suing the city of Boston for denying its request to deliver an invocation at the start of City Council meetings] and I found that to be fascinating.

BBA: How has the program helped prepare you as you look ahead to the beginning of your professional career?

Angelina: The Fellowship has definitely helped me improve my research and writing skills, and it’s taught me how to turn that research into things like memos and take the next step with what I’m researching. No matter what I do moving forward, those are skills that will translate and serve me well.

Esther: Just learning how many various aspects of the law can come into play in a given legal setting has been eye-opening and has taught me to prepare for anything. In addition, being in this kind of setting and having a chance to ask questions and be part of conversations that happen, I’ve learned more than I could have expected, both about the administration of the law and just being a professional more generally. You really do pick up so much, just by being around it all day.

BBA: As Supervisors, how has the program benefited you and your agencies?

Marty Saulen, Counsel for the Commissioner at Massachusetts Department of Revenue: We want any intern who comes in here to succeed and learn. It’s been a privilege to assist the next generation of lawyers, answer questions, and make sure Grant gets something out of this experience and hopefully enjoys it so much he chooses to come back as a professional later. We’re always keeping an eye on the future. It’s absolutely valuable for our staff to have a chance to mentor and teach the upcoming generation.

Samantha Fuchs, Assistant Corporation Counsel, City of Boston Law Department: Angelina’s done an amazing job. She’s excited about the law and being an attorney, and that brings life into any office. She’s always champing at the bit to do more and have new experiences. It’s allowed us to really think about how we expand opportunities for our interns. It’s a good reminder to me as a supervisor to make sure we’re getting these interns substantive law experience. I really believe in paying it forward, and it’s been great to hopefully provide the kind of mentorship that proved so helpful for me when I was just starting out in my career.

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