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January 25, 2011

Boston Bar Association Files Amicus Brief Re: Child Support Guidelines

Press Release

Amid a legal challenge to the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, the Boston Bar Association has filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts arguing these and other points:

(1) The process whereby Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines have been promulgated is in compliance with the Massachusetts Constitution.

(2) Striking down the Guidelines. . .
      (a)  Would lead to uncertainty, instability, and inefficiency in awarding child support;
      (b)  Could jeopardize Federal Funding for the Commonwealth’s Public Welfare Programs.

The case now pending before the Supreme Judicial Court is called Fathers & Families, Inc. v. Chief Justice for Administration and Management. The Boston Bar Association’s amicus brief was drafted by Frances M. Giordano, Kelly A. Leighton, Gayle-Stone Turesky, Lee Peterson, and Alexander D. Jones.