News Releases
May 09, 2023

BBA Statement on AAPI Heritage Month

Letter or Statement

By Chinh H. Pham

This month, we embrace and celebrate the rich and diverse cultures of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community within the United States.

While the AAPI community has been plagued with hate and racism both historically and in recent years, the history of the AAPI community is one full of resiliency and determination. Despite these adversities, the AAPI community has overcome generations of hateful rhetoric and often harmful policy to truly enrich this country.

It is my hope that the BBA, the legal profession, and the greater community here in Boston and beyond can come together to celebrate the rich cultural heritage and successes of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, not only for this month, but year-round. I am confident that we all can work together to ensure that the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities feel welcomed, respected, and safe.

I am proud of the work the BBA and its member organizations have done positioning Asian Americans into the leadership pipeline, and I look forward to our continued efforts to support that work both within and outside our profession. Let us continue to uplift such a vital part of the fabric of our city, state, and country.