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July 08, 2024

BBA Spotlight Series: Get to Know Emerging Leaders in Boston Law – Benjamin J. Stein


This summer, we’re spotlighting emerging leaders in Boston law to highlight the work they do, their legal careers thus far, and their connection to the larger Boston legal community. We caught up with Morgan Lewis Partner, Benjamin J. Stein, to learn more about his growing corporate transactions practice, his advice to new lawyers in Boston, and more. Check out the full interview below:


Boston Bar Association: What inspired you to become a lawyer? And more specifically, what sparked your interest in transactional law and mergers & acquisitions?

Benjamin J. Stein: In college, I served as a juror in a drug possession trial in Quincy District Court. There, I was able to see firsthand how the justice system adapts to address nuance and embraces complexity, and I was impressed to discover the essential role that we each play in the execution of our justice system. But not all legal dramas play out in the courtroom, and when I was introduced to the fast-paced and dynamic nature of transactional law, I was hooked. This, coupled with my interest in corporate work and desire to maximize the opportunity to interface with clients, made transaction work, specifically M&A, a natural choice.

BBA: What drew you to Morgan Lewis?

Stein: Morgan Lewis, and its predecessor firm, Bingham McCutchen, has been a home to me for my entire legal career. At every step of the way I have been supported and encouraged to develop as an attorney and given opportunities to grow my practice into what it is today. I have been privileged to be mentored by some extremely skilled attorneys and have benefitted innumerable times from their guidance and advice. Today and moving forward, I aim to return the favor to the exceptional young attorneys who choose to start their careers here, and am grateful that the firm’s culture fosters and encourages the development of such relationships.

BBA: The BBA is not the first organization to consider you an “emerging leader;” the M&A Advisor named you as such earlier this year as well. What does that term mean to you, and what does it mean to be recognized as such?

Stein: The ability to deliver top-notch client services on a consistent basis requires a tremendous effort from a full team. I’ve been fortunate to work with really talented associates and incredibly skilled senior partners, and as a result I’ve been able to actively grow a practice that I am really proud of. It’s humbling to have been recognized as an “emerging leader,” but it’s really more of a testament to the talent we have at Morgan Lewis and the sophisticated client base with whom we have the pleasure to work.

BBA: What advice would you give to new lawyers or law students entering the profession?

Stein: The practice of law – particularly at a law firm – is a marathon, not a sprint, and every day there is an opportunity to learn and gain experience. I would encourage young lawyers to try to learn a new skill or refine an existing one every day. It can be as simple as efficiently proofreading a transaction document or being available to obtain signature pages from a client on short notice. Colleagues will recognize your willingness to learn, and will in turn invest the time to teach, and as you master the small tasks, you will be given greater responsibilities with respect to substantive ones.

BBA: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

Stein: I’ve had the opportunity to work on some really exciting and transformational transactions over my career, but I am most proud of the long-lasting relationships that I have been able to develop with my clients. I view myself as a strategic partner and I am most proud that our clients view me similarly.

BBA: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Stein: I’ve been fortunate to work with really sophisticated and collaborative colleagues at Morgan Lewis. Being a transactional attorney can be demanding and intense at times, but having the support of well-intentioned colleagues and friends makes the challenges of a transaction worthwhile and fun.

BBA: What is your favorite place to bring a visitor when they come to Boston?

Stein: For better or worse, I’m a passionate Boston sports fan so I always recommend a visit to Fenway to take in the atmosphere and festivities (and I always take opportunities take my clients there!). For those with young kids like me, I recommend a day in the Seaport – a stop at the Children’s Museum, followed by Martin’s Park and then ending the afternoon at Cisco Brewery.