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June 15, 2023

BBA Applauds Governor Healey’s Expanded Use of Pardons

Letter or Statement

BBA President Chinh Pham applauded today’s announcement by Governor Maura Healey signaling her intent to revive the long-dormant practice of gubernatorial pardons, stating:

“For nearly 250 years, the Massachusetts Constitution has invested in the Governor the authority to issue pardons as part of our structure of checks and balances, yet this critical element of a functioning justice system has fallen into disuse and neglect in recent decades. With proper oversight and transparency, pardons can bolster the rule of law by offering a safety valve to redress errors such as wrongful convictions or unjust sentences and to recognize and reward individuals for successful rehabilitation—which is, after all, one of the primary goals of criminal sentencing.”

We look forward to Governor Healey’s expanded application of this constitutional authority throughout her time in office, to support re-integration of suitable individuals and consistent with public safety.

Read the Governor’s full statement, which quotes President Pham.