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Contact: Michael Avitzur
Director of Government Relations

Statement by BBA President Carol Starkey on the Outcome of ACLU Challenge To Travel Ban

We are of course disappointed by the decision today from Judge Gorton. The BBA believes that President Trump's recent issuance of the Executive Order titled Protecting The National From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States will lead to irreparable harm not only to the plaintiffs, but also to all others who were targeted by Executive Order, and to the Commonwealth.

Because the Order restricts the liberties of legal permanent residents based upon their country of origin, amongst other things, it is at odds with the BBA's values as an organization, and at odds with the constitution's bedrock principles of due process and equal protection under law. For that reason, we will continue our pursuit of justice in support of the plaintiffs in this case, and all others who are similarly-situated.


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