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Contact: Michael Avitzur
Director of Government Relations

Probate and Trust Legislation Hits Governor's Desk

Good news for Massachusetts! Both the House and the Senate passed legislation that creates a new Massachusetts Uniform Trust Code (MUTC), provides revisions to Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC), and also updates the Probate and Family Court's Uniform Fee Schedule.  This legislation is currently on Governor Patrick's desk and will take effect immediately upon signing. 

The MUTC will generally replace, and greatly expand upon, Article VII, the trust law provisions of the MUPC that became effective on March 31, 2012.  The new legislation will also make various technical changes to the MUPC, and introduce a revised fee schedule for the Probate and Family Court.  

The Probate and Family Court has been operating under the new law since April 2nd and the Probate and Family Court website has the most current and up to date information available for MUPC forms and procedures. 

The Probate and Family Court's MUPC hub page can be accessed by clicking here.

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