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Contact: Michael Avitzur
Director of Government Relations

Boston Bar Reports Favorable Development Re: Justice System Budget

Following months of zealous advocacy on behalf of adequate funding for our justice system, Boston Bar Association President Lisa C. Goodheart issued the following statement:

Amid serious concerns about inadequate funding for our justice system, the Boston Bar Association is pleased to report that the Massachusetts House of Representatives last night approved a budget providing additional funds for the Massachusetts Trial Courts and for the Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC), the primary source of civil legal aid in the Commonwealth.  The continued advocacy of BBA members played an important role in spotlighting significant unmet needs.

A consolidated amendment provided an additional $6 million to the Trial Court, bringing its House appropriation up to $560 million. 

The House budget also provided an additional $1 million for civil legal services, bringing the MLAC appropriation up to $12 million. 

There are hurdles yet to be cleared. In the coming weeks, the Senate will be considering its own budget recommendations. As the budgeting process continues, the Boston Bar Association will continue to press for adequate funding for our justice system."

The Boston Bar Association traces its origins to meetings convened by John Adams, who provided pro bono representation to the British soldiers prosecuted for the Boston Massacre and went on to become the nation’s second president. Its mission is to advance the highest standards of excellence for the legal profession, facilitate access to justice, serve the community at large and promote diversity and inclusion.