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Contact: Michael Avitzur
Director of Government Relations

BBA Launches Series on Estate Planning Practice Fundamentals

Underscoring its commitment to new attorneys and attorneys in transition, the BBA Trusts & Estates Section today announced the launch of an annual 9 part series that started on October  5, 2011 with a standing room only program, Estate, Gift and GST Tax Basics and will conclude on June 2, 2012. Developed by the BBA's Estate Planning Practice Fundamentals Subcommittee, this initiative will co-chaired by Matthew Hillery of Edwards Wildman Palmer; Geoffrey Mason of Ropes & Gray, and Scott E. Squillace of Squillace & Associates.

"Our goal is to provide new and transitioning practitioners a core set of practice tools that will make them feel confident about beginning to practice in the area of estate planning and probate administration," said Scott E. Squillace, Co-Chair of BBA's Subcommittee on Estate Planning Fundamentals.

Through this series, the Subcommittee will identify and educate new practitioners about potential traps and pitfalls in estate planning. This will include a basic overview of legal technical knowledge required to be competent in this area as well as law practice tools, management and marketing concepts to build a successful Trusts & Estates practice over time. The series will provide a foundation so that, with interest and experience, new attorneys and attorneys in transition can benefit from other programming opportunities of the Trusts & Estates Section.

The series is open to BBA members. All programs will run from 12:30pm to 1:30pm. For more information contact Patricia Johnson at or 617-778-1918.

11/2/11 Basic Estate Plan Documents: a review of not only the basic documents with a focus on the various options available particularly with marital and family trust formula clauses.

12/7/11 Spotting Advanced Planning Opportunities and Keeping Plans Updated: With a primer on ILIT's and other advanced techniques -- including a discussion of fiduciary income taxes and the grantor trust rules.

1/4/12 How to identify and Engage Clients: setting up and marketing an estate planning practice. 

2/1/12 Post Mortem Administration: Basic steps for the practitioner including fundamental probate procedures; pitfalls to watch for and war stories.

3/7/12 706 & 709 Preparation: Practical suggestions on how to prepare the Gift and Estate tax return forms with highlights of common pitfalls and insights on how best to liaise with CPA's.

4/4/12 Death Bed Planning: Traps for the Unwary.

5/2/12 Retirement Benefits: Paying Attention to Beneficiary Designation Assets.

6/6/12 TBD

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