Summer Jobs Snapshot: A Special Summer at the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office

For Julia Hancock, a rising junior at East Boston High, the days of summer have been anything but routine.  Having just completed her internship at the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office through the BBA Summer Jobs Program, Julia has grown accustomed to an ever–changing, fast-paced professional environment, thanks in large part to spending her summer splitting her time between the courtroom and the back office at Roxbury District Court. When the court was at its busiest, Julia could be found observing trials and assisting the victim witness advocates during court sessions. She provided critical assistance to the advocates, who inform victims of their rights, explain the court process, and keep them updated on the status of their cases.  Between copying documents, tracking down missing files, and acting as a runner to deliver information, the job definitely kept Julia on her toes.  “It’s pretty fun grabbing cases for attorneys, printing things for them. It’s just really interesting to watch the lawyers do their jobs,” she said. 
The other portion of Julia’s days was spent working on projects with the office’s administrative divisions. Her most recent project entailed locating and contacting organizations that could provide additional assistance to victims, such as help with housing or other support services. Throughout her summer, she lent a hand wherever needed, doing research, compiling data, updating old records, and more. "She’s helped free up time to do projects that we don’t always get around to working on,” explained Assistant District Attorney Dana Pierce, who supervised Julia throughout the summer.













Another major benefit of hiring a BBA Summer Jobs student is the unique perspective they bring to the office, said Pierce.  “You get a fresh look at things, an interesting new viewpoint.  You realize that like any profession, sometimes you have practices that are ingrained for years and see that maybe there is a more efficient way of doing things.”  For the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office the BBA Summer Jobs Program is part of a larger mission. “I think that prosecuting cases is just a small part of what we do.  It’s also about taking a look at the community and seeing what we can do to help” said Pierce. One reason the DA’s Office participates in the program each year is to connect with youth and try and change how they view law enforcement. “Some neighborhoods have a stigma associated with law enforcement, and we want to actually put a face to things and try to take down some of the walls that exist.  We do a lot of different things with community and kids, and this is a great program.”

Julia is completing her internship at the DA’s Office intent on pursuing a career in the law.  “I have learned a lot about the law and legal community.  I still want to be a lawyer, even though I understand they do a lot of work.  I would definitely want to be an Assistant District Attorney somewhere and practice in Superior Court one day.”