Summer Jobs Snapshot: A Different Type of Law at LPL Financial

As you know, the BBA Summer Jobs Program works with law firms and legal organizations committed to Boston’s future to place Boston Public High School students in environments where they receive an introduction to the law and legal work. This isn’t limited to firms, however – some students experience the work of an in-house legal department firsthand, and gain an understanding of how it supports the organization as a whole.

Erik Solis, a recent graduate of Another Course to College in Brighton, has gotten not only legal experience this summer but also a better grasp on complex financial matters thanks to his internship in LPL Financial’s legal department. Erik has gained a more specialized look at the profession by working with customer complaint files to make sure they are reviewed and closed out correctly and helping with preparations for a new file management system.

These tasks require a solid grasp of the terminology and principles used in financial advising, but Ashley Commito, one of Erik’s supervisors, said that hasn’t been a problem. “It’s definitely challenging material, but Erik got it by the end of his second week,” she explained. “It’s fun to have a new person around to experience what we do, and it’s been really interesting to watch his progress and to see that light bulb go off when he got it. Erik caught on very fast.”










But that isn’t all that Erik has been learning over the summer. Through LPL’s Foundation program, which also hires summer interns for LPL’s three national offices, he has taken weekly video seminars on topics like using social media and how to network effectively. Erik will even have the chance to attend a live presentation by LPL Financial’s CFO, who is based in Boston.

For another student, it might be cause for nervousness to attend a meeting with the CFO of a major company, but Erik indicates that his experience with LPL Financial and its employees has been overwhelmingly positive and welcoming. “The first week here was pretty awesome,” he said with a smile. “There were activities almost every day and I met a lot of people in the office, even the CEO. It’s been a great summer.”

Erik says he was previously interested in law and criminal justice, and wanted to learn more about how lawyers practiced in a company like LPL Financial. “The most interesting part is seeing myself grow and getting a new perspective. It’s different from a normal law firm – what I do has a financial basis, and I’m not working with specific cases. I wanted to explore this side of the law because I’d never thought about it before.”












“As an in-house department, it’s a big deal for us to make sure we’re part of the legal community,” Commito added. “Our attorneys are very involved outside the company, and participating in the Summer Jobs Program is very in line with our mission and emphasis on volunteer opportunities.”

While LPL Financial benefits from the help Erik has offered by carefully cleaning up files for the litigation group, Erik in turn benefits from this broader understanding of the many ways one can work in the law. After a full summer of taking in new knowledge, asking questions about financial matters, and watching video conference presentations full of advice on his professional future, the recent graduate will head to college with the tools and knowledge needed to explore the possibilities of his future career and pursue those goals successfully.