Summer Jobs Snapshot: Mentoring at Burns & Levinson - Two Is Better Than One

Mentoring is well-known to be a key to success: it creates a supportive environment in which someone can seek guidance and advice from a more experienced professional and create long-lasting personal relationships at all stages of someone’s career. At Burns & Levinson, supervisors work hard to foster mentoring relationships with their BBA Summer Jobs students – but they add another variable, empowering their students through peer mentoring by retaining one student from the previous summer, and hiring one new student. This summer, Lucidey Pimentel and Myntah Morris of Brighton High School are poised to make the most of their mentoring experience.

Burns’ formula strengthens the mentoring possibilities for their students in three different ways: 1) Each students gets two summers at Burns, doubling their timeframe to form lasting relationships with supervisors and other staff. 2) The “second summer” students benefit from serving as mentors for the new student, taking them under their wing and showing them the ropes. 3) New students’ experiences are bolstered by having access to both professional and peer mentoring.

“The mentoring model allows students to learn a lot and have someone to go to for questions and advice who’s on their level,” said Rachel Krasowski, the students’ supervisor. “It’s very successful and really works seamlessly because there’s always one student who can constantly be training the other, even while it’s nice that they have someone their own age to work with. It also gives the senior student a sense of empowerment that they are able to teach the new student about working in a law firm.”

“When I first heard about the program and thought of applying, I found out that I had to be recommended by a teacher; that made me realize it was a big deal, and I was motivated to become a part of it and learn more about the law,” said Lucidey, a senior at Brighton High School.










And their supervisors, Rachel and Manager of Operations & Records Gregory Girardin, were more than happy to have them. “To be honest, the attorneys really love seeing young excited kids at the firm – it makes us excited about the work!” Rachel laughed. Gregory added, “It moves you away from the day-to-day flavor of work because you’re bringing in a new outlook. It’s fun seeing how the students become go-to members of the office for different projects, because everyone knows they devote the attention to detail and they’re very personable. We have been able to watch them grow from being a little nervous and shy at first to being mature and confident in the office.”

With their upbeat attitudes and legal know-how, Lucidey and Myntah have been asked to take on a project for the firm working with IP docket specialists that Gregory described as “very important, especially further down the road.” They have seen all corners of the firm by assisting with tasks in operations, records, advertising, and accounting – a little bit of everything, but a huge help to the different departments and practice areas of the firm. “It’s really interesting how it all works together,” said Myntah. “I’ve really grown to enjoy the project with the docket specialists because I know what an important job it is. I love working closely with the lawyers in a lot of different fields.”









Lucidey and Myntah clearly enjoy working with each other too, showing how well the mentoring set-up at Burns & Levinson works.

“We love being able to give opportunities like this to the students – it’s really rewarding to us,” said Rachel. “Having a first job like this gives them such an advantage. The BBA Summer Jobs Program is great – it gives the students skills not just for college, but for life.”