Next week, the BBA will kick off its Summer Judicial Internship Program with a welcome orientation at 16 Beacon Street. As a member of the Judicial Internship Program this summer, interns will have the opportunity to work directly with a judge, observe courtroom proceedings, and work on legal research and writing skills. There will also be professional development and networking opportunities with attorneys at the BBA. It is sure to be an eventful and enriching summer!

With this upcoming event in mind, BBA Week reached out to the Summer 2014 Judicial Interns and asked:

"What are you most looking forward to about your summer term in the Judicial Internship Program?"

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Justin L. Amos - New England Law | Boston
"So much of the first year of law school is about the abstract; we read cases, outline, and focus on the ever looming task of tackling final exams. But it is rare in the first year to be able to concretely understand the human element to the law. It is easy to read a case for the holding or an interesting fact pattern that illuminates a rule of law, but often the people whose lives are affected by the case, whose liberty or property might be at stake, is startlingly absent. I am most looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect with the people that I will be using my degree to assist upon graduation, the people who do not care about the Rule against Perpetuities, but place their livelihood in the hands of their attorneys and the justice system."

Kyle J. Litfin - Boston College Law School
"I am most looking forward to seeing trials from the perspective of the bench. And more specifically, I am excited to be working at the Dorchester Municipal Court. Most of my 1L curriculum is based on appellate court decisions that focus on pure issues of law, so it will be refreshing and exciting to see a case as it begins to form and grow at the district court level."

Madeline Locke - New England Law | Boston
"I look forward to learning the intricacies of the law as they happen in real time. It is an exciting opportunity to gain real world experience."

Paulette M. Pagan - Suffolk University Law School
"I am beyond excited to begin my summer Judicial Internship program with the Honorable Robert Tochka. I have been blessed with the opportunity to network, learn, and gain experience in one of busiest courthouses in Boston. I am highly looking forward to spending my days in the courtroom, watching live court proceedings, and interacting with legal professionals of all areas! I cannot wait to get started! "

Jaclyn D. Parks - New England Law | Boston
"I am most looking forward to the opportunity to see firsthand what happens behind the scenes at a courthouse. For me personally i think that it is important to see all aspects of the legal field to get a better understanding of the process as a whole.  This opportunity will help me  to explore new career opportunities, learn new skills, and gain the work experience needed for my professional career as a lawyer .This internship opportunity furthermore will help to develop a strong network of professional colleagues, enhance my legal resume, and will help me to continue to  pursue my dreams of graduating law school, receiving a job, and becoming a Judge one day in the future."

Daniel E. Peacock - New England Law | Boston
"I am most looking forward to gaining practical experience with a judge in a courtroom setting. Also, I am looking forward to advancing my legal research and writing skills. The judicial internship will complement my first year year classes and put in perspective what lawyers actually do in court."

Caryn Sigurdson - Boston College Law School
"What I'm looking forward to the most about my summer as a judicial intern is learning from my judge and his staff about new areas of law as well as delving deeper into old ones. I hope to improve my research and writing skills, as well as learn about a new community I hope will welcome me as part of it."

James P. Tobin - Boston University School of Law
"After nine months with my head in the books reading cases, I look forward to seeing justice in action this summer. Ink on paper cannot capture the humanity of a courtroom, but thanks to the Judicial Internship program, I will be able to observe judicial proceedings and learn about the intangibles that make great lawyers great. I look forward to spending my summer in a courtroom."