Casino Night Goes All in for Summer Jobs - Meet Ben

It’s easy to get distracted by the fun and games of the annual BBF Casino Night event -- taking place this year on Thursday, March 27th at 16 Beacon Street -- but it’s important to remember the real beneficiaries of the money raised that night. This year, 100% of the proceeds from BBF Casino Night will support the BBA Summer Jobs Program. We will be running a weekly series of profiles on Summer Jobs students whose jobs were supported by BBF funds. To learn more about how to sponsor or attend the event, visit our website or contact Erica Southerland at 617-778-1930.

The Boston Bar Association Summer Jobs Program works in concert with the BBF to provide Boston-area high school students with paid summer employment in area firms, businesses, non-profits and government agencies. Last year, funding from the BBF made non-profit and government jobs possible for 13 area students.

Meet Ben

It’s rare to find a high school student who is confident about the direction of their professional career. For many young people, the prospect of a full time job is too far away to think about, and for others there are just too many possibilities to formulate any concrete plans. For Ben Haideri, a 2013 participant of the Summer Jobs Program, the future is clear. He wants to be a lawyer. “I came into the (BBA) Summer Jobs Program knowing that I wanted to be a lawyer and the experience solidified it” Ben said.

Ben had the opportunity to see his future career in action; he spent his summer at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. “I spend about half my day inside the actual courtroom helping wherever I’m needed,” Ben said last summer of his job at the Court. “I saw three full trials, bail hearings and civic disputes. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer for a couple of years but haven’t had the chance to see them in action, being in the actual courtroom was the best part (of my experience).”

Ben took full advantage of the opportunities that were made available by the Summer Jobs Program, and graduated with a full set of new skills that he put into practice right away. For example, after learning the importance of responsible money management through the Summer Jobs Financial Literacy sessions, Ben opened checking and savings accounts and received his first credit card.

But as those who take on Summer Jobs students know, the benefit isn’t just for the student.  The employers who participate in this program reap the rewards as well.  Take Ben’s example:

“One of the trials lasted two days, and I decided I would write a closing statement just for fun. I gave it to the prosecutor to review and she ended up using a chunk of it in her closing statements.”

Now that’s a summer job worth going “all in” for.