Summer Jobs Snapshot: Stephan Pierre and Hinckley Allen

If you think a rising high school senior wouldn’t be able to keep up with the administrative duties of a major law firm, Catherine Egan, the office administrator at Hinckley Allen, would tell you to think again.

“Our Summer Jobs student Stephan is so good, people go to him directly for help,” she stated. “He’s really excellent in all aspects. His attendance is fantastic – he will call to tell us if he’s going to be even three seconds late. He is responsible, resourceful, and able to figure things out on his own.”

At Hinckley Allen, Stephan Pierre, now entering his senior year at Brighton High School and a two-time Summer Jobs participant, has been helping with marketing, proofreading and editing, and general office administration like filing, updating the internal systems, and responding to emails. “Last year at the Committee for Public Counsel Services I got a lot of experience in the law – this year I get both the law and the office experience,” said Stephan.










An aspiring lawyer or teacher on a college track, Stephan also said he definitely thought this experience would be useful for his future, and that the general work environment is his favorite part. “The people here are very friendly – I’ve had them call me up not to give me work, but just to meet me,” he added.

Besides the practical benefits of working with a conscientious, dedicated student like Stephan, Catherine Egan highlighted the other reasons for Hinckley Allen’s longstanding support for the Summer Jobs Program: “This program helps the community and specifically helps students get a leg up. It has seemed very successful so far, and we will continue to participate in future years.”