MUPC Resource Desk Folds its Tables After Successful Run

The Massachusetts Uniform Probate Code (MUPC) has been in effect for one year now.  On the occasion of the law’s first anniversary, the Boston Bar Association is taking the opportunity to reflect on the MUPC Resource Desk Program it sponsored last year in collaboration with the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Probate and Family Court Division of the Massachusetts Trial Court.  The program was designed to help ease the transition to the new law for trusts and estates practitioners, as well as pro se petitioners, by supplementing the Court’s limited resources with help desks staffed by bar association volunteers.  The following is a recap of the program’s successes: 

  • MUPC Resource Desks were established in the probate registries in seven counties in the Commonwealth and were in session from April 2012 through September 2012.
  • At least 50 volunteer lawyers participated in the MUPC Resource Desk program.  A few particularly dedicated volunteers staffed their local Resource Desk nearly every week. 
  • MUPC Resource Desk volunteers assisted more than 150 people, including more than 40 attorneys and more than 70 pro se litigants.
  • The MUPC Resource Desks provided an opportunity for court staff and volunteers to exchange ideas about issues related to the new law.  MUPC Resource Desk volunteers reported more than 25 such instances.

The BBA thanks all the MUPC Resource Desk volunteers, the court staff and the program organizers for the time and energy they invested in the MUPC Resource Desk program.  It hopes this will be the first of many opportunities for the BBA and the trusts and estates bar to join forces with the Court to help facilitate the administration of the MUPC.