In the coming week the BBA has several technology and social media themed events to look forward to. This Friday the BBA will host a Social Media themed CLE, and an event on game publishing, and on Monday members will hear a breakdown of AOL & Microsoft’s $1 billion dollar patent deal. That’s why this week, we are asking:

"What is the best tech purchase you have ever made?"

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George P. Field - Block & Roos, LLP
It's a tie between my iPhone and my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner. The first keeps me in touch 24/7, accesses 4 email accounts, efax, a blog, legal library and the indispensable LinkedIn (1400 connections) and Twitter, as well as about 750 music selections and some videos for background amusement. The second is a 6-by-11-inch powerhouse that seamlessly turns paper documents into e-docs, searchable and virtually portable and accessible anywhere. We 21st-century lawyers are very fortunate!!

Stephen Seckler - Seckler Legal Consulting and Coaching
I haven't even received the MasterCard bill yet,  but I would have to say that my new iPad Mini is the best technology purchase I have ever made.  While 12 days is hardly time to reflect critically, it is hard to see how I will grow tired of this purchase.  It has the portability of an iPhone (much more so than the regular iPad or a laptop) with a screen that I can actually see.  I use it to read books in bed (it is the same size as the Kindle), catch up on blogs, read the Globe and NYTimes, post items of interest to LinkedIn or Facebook and watch the occasional video. May Steve Jobs R.I.P.

Stephanie Marzouk - Prisoners' Legal Services of Massachusetts
My best tech purchase was my smartphone (iPhone). It's been both useful and fun, because I can email, tweet, Instagram, and Facebook from nearly anywhere. In July, I was able to tweet live updates from a public hearing, and in October I used it to keep our donors updated on the progress of an online fundraiser. I keep learning more about its capabilities and downloading new apps.