Todd & Weld's David Meier Chosen to Lead Central Office in Drug Lab Crisis

On Thursday, September 20, 2012, Governor Deval Patrick announced the selection of attorney David E. Meier to lead the central office set up to oversee the review of criminal cases potentially affected by mishandling of evidence at the state drug lab.  David was formerly the Chief of Homicide in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office and is now a partner at BBA Sponsor Firm Todd & Weld LLP

David has been an active member of the Boston Bar Association’s Criminal Law Section and in 2008, he was appointed by then BBA President Kathy Weinman to be co-chair of a task force charged with studying and making recommendation to prevent wrongful convictions. In December 2009, the task force released its report, Getting it Right: Improving the Accuracy and Reliability of the Criminal Justice System.  David’s leadership and the work of the task force were instrumental in the passage of legislation earlier this year that provides post-conviction access to DNA evidence in Massachusetts.