EMC's Paul Dacier Marshalls General Counsels to Call For Court Funding

Extremely concerned about the impact of inadequate funding for the Massachusetts judiciary, Paul Dacier, Executive Vice President and General Counsel, EMC Corporation, delivered a letter to Senate President Therese Murray and House Speaker Robert DeLeo, which was signed by 30 of his G.C. colleagues from corporations across the state. Dacier makes these points in his letter:

  • Reductions in the Trial Court budget have caused the elimination of 1,000 positions creating safety and security issues and unnecessary delays in justice.
  • The delays in justice cause uncertainty for MA businesses and loss of productivity by employees, with a negative impact on the competitiveness of MA companies on the world stage.
  • The cuts will inevitably harm the Business Litigation Session in Suffolk County which has been so important for commerce.
  • Budget reductions will likely lead to courthouse closures.