Pierce Atwood Steps Up to Expand the BBA's Diversity & Inclusion Summer Fellowship Program

With the support of the Boston Bar Foundation, the BBA launched the Diversity & Inclusion Summer Fellowship Program earlier this year.  The program offers paid summer internship positions in public interest law offices to students at Massachusetts law schools who have shown a commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in the profession, in recognition of the need for law students from all backgrounds to have the opportunity to gain experience with public interest law.

In the pilot year the program offered positions at the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, District of Massachusetts, presenting a rich and rewarding summer experience for both the employing offices and the Fellows.  You can read reflections from the 2019 Fellows here.

In Summer 2020 three Diversity & Inclusion Summer Fellowship positions will be available with the support of BBF funding.  We are delighted to announce that Pierce Atwood has committed to sponsor a Fellowship position for each of the next two summers.  Suzanne King, a partner at the firm, discussed with us Pierce Atwood’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the profession and why the firm chose to support the Diversity & Inclusion Summer Fellowship Program:

What about this program inspired the firm to get involved and provide support?

Pierce Atwood is always on the lookout for ways to promote diversity in the legal profession as well as promoting public service.  Funding the BBA’s internship program is a perfect way to support the BBA while ensuring that law students have opportunities to explore public service as an alternative to practicing in a law firm.

How does support of this Fellowship align with Pierce Atwood’s mission and work in diversity & inclusion?  In supporting the public interest?

Pierce Atwood believes strongly that the legal profession is stronger and better when lawyers of diverse backgrounds practice together.  We also believe strongly that law firms have a role to play in making public service available, and we are proud of the fact that many of our lawyers have worked for state or federal agencies at some point in their careers.  This program is a natural extension of the firm’s values.

What opportunities will the Fellow have to engage with the firm over the summer?

We anticipate that the Fellow will join us at the office for attorney meetings and informal discussions with the goal of giving the Fellow a chance to better understand our many practice groups and sub-specialties.  We are looking forward to providing mentorship and support throughout the internship.

The Boston Bar is grateful for Pierce Atwood’s support in ensuring that meaningful summer opportunities in the public interest are available to law students through the Diversity & Inclusion Summer Fellowship Program!