Thank you to our legal services sponsors for partnering with us to support our mission of excellence in the legal profession, access to justice, diversity & inclusion, and service to the Boston community. To learn more about opportunities for legal services organizations to partner with the BBA, please contact Membership Manager Tara Trask at or (617) 778-1984.

De Novo Center for Justice and Healing

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“The BBA is a leader in the community that we can count on to promote access to justice for all. The BBA’s support runs deep and wide, including monitoring legislative proposals and the effect that they will have on the population that we serve. We see the BBA as an indispensable part of the legal community and are proud to count them as one of our partners.”

Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS)

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“Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) and the BBA share a long history. Members of the BBA’s leadership were instrumental in the founding of the organization that would become GBLS in 1900, and we continue to have shared values. We are both engaged in vital activities which often can enhance the general public's access to, and understanding of, our justice system. Participating as a sponsor enables all of GBLS ' advocates to interact with, learn from, and educate a wide range of lawyers who share our values. We encourage our staff to participate fully in the various Sections, trainings, and other activities. This participation aids in the professional development of our staff and provides great leadership opportunities. By working together, we can advance our common goals of maintaining the integrity of the legal system and enhancing meaningful access to justice. It simply makes sense.”

Lawyers for Civil Rights

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“Lawyers for Civil Rights is proud to have professional, pro bono, and community partnerships with the BBA. As a legal hub, the BBA is an incredible asset with important resources and connections. The BBA has a powerful and influential voice on legal and policy matters, locally and nationally. We actively attend -- and help to organize -- BBA events, activities, and programs to deepen and expand technical legal skills, and to expand professional networks. It is truly a professional home for us and our colleagues in the legal community.”

Massachusetts Law Reform Institute 

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“MLRI is delighted to partner with the BBA, which has been a leader in advocating for fairness in the justice system, excellence in the legal profession, and access to justice for all. In addition, the BBA’s longstanding commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the legal community is very important to MLRI and our partner legal aid programs.”

Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation

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“The Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation (MLAC) is fortunate to have the BBA as a partner in the Equal Justice Coalition, collaborating to ensure that low-income people throughout the Commonwealth have access to justice. MLAC and BBA staff work closely together each year calling on state lawmakers to expand funding for civil legal aid. In addition to this strong longstanding partnership, MLAC appreciates the many opportunities MLAC staff have to partner with members of the legal community through service on BBA programs and committees dedicated to advancing equal access to justice and equity issues.”



“The BBA is a tremendous resource to MassHousing. Whether it’s the continuing legal education, the source of current events, the channel to find new talent, or the venue that connects us to the larger legal community, the BBA is a fundamental fixture in our practice; and as a fellow mission-driven entity, we value the BBA’s commitment to its own mission and values.”

Medical-Legal Partnership

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“Medical-Legal Partnership Boston (MLPB) is proud to be a BBA sponsor organization because of the BBA's strong leadership on closing the justice gap. But we're also a satisfied 'customer' of the BBA's rich educational programming for legal practitioners, which is increasingly -- and wonderfully -- interdisciplinary!”

Veterans Legal Services

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“Veterans Legal Services' (VLS) long-standing relationship with the BBA provides important opportunities for both organizations to collaborate to ensure the legal needs of servicemembers and veterans are recognized and met by the Boston legal community. Whether it is through the Military and Veterans Forum, educational programming, pro bono support, or the BBA's amicus filings, VLS's relationship with the BBA is a continually evolving, mutually beneficial partnership.”

Volunteer Lawyers Project

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“From providing low-cost, quality training opportunities to sponsoring the BBA Attorney for the Day Project in the Eastern Housing Court, the BBA enables the Volunteer Lawyers Project to provide access to justice for many who would otherwise have nowhere to turn.”