reentry education program

The Program:

Imagine this: you’re a probationer, and you’ll soon be given a chance to make a new start. You want to make the best of that opportunity, but you have questions. "Can I get my license back? Can I see my children?" Wouldn’t it be a relief if there was someone who could help you get started? Fortunately, there is.

The BBA Reentry Education Program provides information to federal probationers on key civil-legal issues that they will face when re-entering society. The initiative originally emerged as a project of the BBA’s Public Interest Leadership Program in collaboration with U.S. District Judge Leo T. Sorokin and U.S. District Judge Timothy Hillman.

The workshops are targeted towards the needs of probationers receiving increasing supervision through two programs: Court Assisted Recovery Effort (CARE) for those struggling with drug addiction, and Reentry: Empowering Successful Todays and Responsible Tomorrows (RESTART), for those who present a particularly high risk of recidivism.

Topics Include:

  • Financial literacy/student loans/debt management
  • Driver’s licenses/professional licenses
  • CORI management
  • Employment rights & resources
  • Housing rights & relations
  • Domestic relations
  • Benefits available to low-income individuals in Massachusetts

For more information please contact Ariana Gebauer, Public Service Programs Manager, at