How to apply:

To apply for the PILP 2020-2021 program, download the application here and return it to Douglas Newton,

Members of PILP may participate in a variety of programs. Past classes have participated in:

Regular bi-monthly meetings at the BBA
  • These meetings include meeting one-on-one with leaders in government, legal services and the Boston community. 
  • This may also include attending one meeting of the Council of the BBA.
Networking receptions 
  • This may include meetings with judges and leaders of the BBA. 
  • Attending large BBA events, including the Annual Meeting and Law Day Dinner.
Community service events 
  • This may include service events arranged by the class and/or participation in education programs for students in the Boston Public Schools.
  • PILP classes have also created teaching materials and served as volunteers for Law Day in the Schools Program, and other events promoting public service in the community.
  • Past classes developed symposiums drawing in attorneys, government leaders, and members of the community to discuss topics meaningful to the PILP class.
  • Topics have included constitutional issues, human trafficking, the #MeToo movement, and juvenile restorative justice.
Legacy Projects
  • Past classes have created lasting projects, also known as Legacy Projects. These projects and events have included Law Day in the Schools Program, an educational program for Boston Public School students, the Reentry Education Program, and the Charitable Board Service Training.
Addressing Issues Affecting the Legal Community
  • PILP leaders have contributed to important law review articles and publications.
Leaders have worked to design community outreach presentations and Know Your Rights materials to assist the general public.