Taking the Bar Exam is stressful. And for those who have already taken the exam and are sitting for it again, the anxiety may be even greater. The BBA offers free Bar Exam coaching to help navigate the process, the anxiety, and the expectations, especially if it’s not your first time taking the exam.

Since establishing the Bar Exam Coaching program in 2015, the BBA has helped more than 200 people, pairing them with attorney-coaches, who volunteer to help guide applicants through the process of preparing for the exam.

Coaches are trained by experienced bar prep staff to guide applicants through the non-substantive elements such as mental preparation, study tips, and time & stress management. This program is specifically designed for those who are retaking the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) in Massachusetts, but first-time takers can also be matched to a coach, based on availability.

For more information on Bar Exam coaching, contact Doug Newton, Community Programs Assistant, dnewton@bostonbar.org, 617-778-1918.

Bar Applicants:

Are you taking or retaking the Uniform Bar Examination in Massachusetts in February 2020?

We know you’ve got the academic part of your bar prep under control, but let us help with the mental, emotional, and practical preparation. We are ready to connect you with attorney-coaches from diverse personal and professional backgrounds to offer guidance on:

  • time management
  • effective study techniques
  • stress management

If you are taking the exam this July and would like to be connected with a coach, please fill out this online information form.

Please note that this program is designed for those who are retaking the bar exam in Massachusetts. However, we will accept applications for the program from first-time exam takers and assign you to a coach based on availability.


Interested in becoming a coach for those sitting for the February 2020 Bar Exam?

We are seeking attorneys interested in serving as coaches to bar exam applicants sitting for the Bar Exam in February 2020. This is a short-term commitment with a big impact. Coaches are not expected to answer substantive law questions and will be trained to offer guidance on mental preparation, confidence, study tips, and time & stress management. Coaches can communicate with their applicant by e-mail, phone, or in person, and as often as works for both you and your match. Training and program guidelines will be provided.

If you would like to volunteer as a coach, please fill out this online information form.