• Employment Law Conference
    Employment Conference

    Employment laws protect employees from discriminatory treatment, unfair labor practices, unsafe work conditions, and more. With thousands of employment law firms and professionals in Boston, this conference will provide practitioners with an opportunity to network and learn from industry experts on critical developments to help better advise clients in this ever-changing landscape.

  • Life Science Conference
    Life Sciences Conference

    With emerging technologies and rapidly expanding business sectors come new legal issues. The Boston Bar annual Life Sciences Conference features speakers and discussions exploring the interplay between the life sciences sector and the law, spanning across corporate, regulatory, and IP law.

    Home to biotech startups, leading research institutions, multinational pharmaceutical companies, and venture capital firms, Boston is at the forefront of the life science industry and the Boston Bar is the industry’s hub for legal expertise.

  • Cannabis Law Conference
    Cannabis Law Conference

    This conference will bring together experts in all aspects of the cannabis industry to provide guidance for practitioners on new developments and best practices when dealing with various issues such as raising capital, land use and zoning, healthcare and research, licensing for cultivation, processing and dispensing legal marijuana, and more.

  • Privacy and Cybersecurity Conference
    Privacy and Cybersecurity Conference

    This full-day conference covers a wide range of topics from data breach response and litigation to compliance and transactional issues. Panelists discuss new developments in the legal and regulatory landscape, while offering insights into challenges and opportunities ahead.

  • Real Estate Conference
    Real Estate Conference
    This conference will engage top firm practitioners, in-house counsel, premier developers, government agencies, and more from across the industry for a full-day event examining trends, challenges, and opportunities facing Boston’s commercial real estate and development landscape.
  • White Collar Crime Conference

    This full-day conference brings together the best and brightest from private practice, in-house legal departments, government, and the judiciary for a full-day event that no member of Boston’s white collar crime bar can afford to miss. Attend interactive breakout sessions, high-level keynote discussions, and in-depth examinations on recent cases and developments in healthcare fraud, securities enforcement, FCA, government investigations, and more.

  • Intellectual Property Year in Review
    Intellectual Property Year in Review

    This is the premier IP law event of the year. Panelists will provide attendees with what you need to know from landmark cases and legislative changes and offer insights into what’s ahead in patents, copyright, trademarks, and trade secrets.

  • Higher Education Legal Conference
    Higher Education Legal Conference

    Annual opportunity to hear from leaders in higher education about the emerging legal issues impacting their institutions. This full-day conference brings together college and university in-house legal departments, administrators, and firm practitioners to discuss the complex legal needs of higher education institutions in a changing world.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions | Venture Capital & Private Equity
    Corporate Deals Conference

    This half-day conference will cover topics relevant to both Mergers & Acquisitions and Venture Capital & Private Equity practitioners and will feature robust networking opportunities and substantive panel discussions on the world of corporate deals.

  • The Business of Law

    Full-day conference providing attendees with strategies for understanding and succeeding in the business of law.

  • Trade Secrets icon
    Trade Secrets and Restrictive Covenants

    The BBA is pleased to host a new conference for practitioners working in trade secret and restrictive covenant protection and litigation. Sessions will cover state and federal developments, practical guidance for mitigating risk during the departure of key employees, insights from the bench, and key practice tips for both outside counsel and in-house lawyers.

  • Workshop for Public Sector Labor Relations Specialists

    This annual program will familiarize labor relations practitioners with current trends in collective bargaining and other issues affecting public employees.

  • Health Care Conference

    We are in process of developing this program. Please check back for more information.

  • Bankruptcy Bench Meets Bar Conference

    The Bankruptcy Bench Meets Bar Conference is an annual opportunity for bankruptcy professionals and the Federal Bankruptcy Court Judges to meet and share insights, observations and analysis on key issues for 2019 and beyond.

  • Boston Bar Energy Conference
    Boston Bar Energy Conference

    The Energy Conference connects lawyers with cutting edge insights into some of the changes that are shaping the sale, use, and conservation of energy resources.

Boston Bar Industry Conferences

The Boston Bar hosts a broad range of industry conferences throughout the year.

Each conference features top experts in their particular field, drawn from law firms & in-house legal departments, government agencies & the courts, and business leadership from a variety of sectors. Conference presentations focus on recent developments and legal trends affecting businesses and legal practitioners in a particular industry.

Boston Bar conferences represent an opportunity for attendees to gain applicable insights and spend some time networking with experts & colleagues in their field.