Useful articles, blog posts, podcasts and other law practice management resources:


Successful Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Practice

Podcast: Networking and the Boston Bar Association’s New Lawyers Section

Blog post: Re: Referral Fees—Can and Do

Powerpoint: 20 Tips for Seizing the Power of Social Media

Blog post: Rainmaking Recommendations # 50: Put the Social in Social Media  

Podcast: “You Know Everything There is to Know About Social Media… or Do You?

Putting Technology to Work: Running a Small Firm with Big Technology

Hardware That Automates Routine Office Tasks—Supercharge Your Law Office for Power and Portability  

Blog post: Accepting Credit Cards for iPhone or Androids

Blog post: Law Practice Management Software—A Holistic Remedy

Blog post: Cheap (and Free) Resources for the Solo Attorney

Blog post: Sensitive Email? Things to Know Before Hitting Send

Blog post: Updating the Marketing Strategy for a Virtual Law Practice

Blog post: Guest Post- CMS* in the Small Law Firm

Law Firm Financial Management: A Crash Course On What You Need To Get Started & Keep Afloat

Law Firm Financial Management—Retirement Planning

Law Firm Management—Retirement Planning/IRA Contribution Limitations
Choosing A Retirement Solution for Your Small Business

Financing a Law Practice

Managing the Finances of Your Practice Booklet – Practice PRO

Law Firm Accounting 101: A Brief Lesson

Guide: Estimated Taxes

Blog post: Guest Post- Choice of Entity for the Solo Attorney in 2010

Blot post: Financial Management strategies Enhance a Law Firm’s Success

Managing Clients’ Funds & Avoiding Ethical Problems [PDF]

The Small Business Owner: Managing Your Practice

“Powerpoint: USI Affinity by Jack Kukowski”

Lawyer Websites - ABA Formal Opinion 10-457

Risk Management Tips for Lawyers – USI Affinity

Podcast: Content Marketing for Lawyers

Blog post: Guest post- A Primer on Group Employee Benefits for Small Firm Law Offices

The Modern Employee Handbook

Be a Choosy Lawyer

Interview: Eric Parker of Parker | Scheer LLP on Mind Your Own Business

Blog post: Building a Law Practice from the Ground Up. Now.

Drafting a Business Plan: Putting It All Together

Elements of a Business Plan for a Startup Law Practice by Stephen Seckler, Esq.

Blog post: Guest Post- Establishing and Managing a Solo Law Practice; 10 Pointers

A Business Plan and Budget: The Foundation of a Successful and Profitable Practice

Business Plan Outline – PracticePRO

The Big Question: “Should You Create a Niche Practice?”

Setting Measurable Public Relations Objectives for Law Firms [PDF]

Blog post: How Solos and Small Firms Can Succeed in Business

Guide:  5 Important Tips Before You Start