The prospect of establishing your own law firm can seem overwhelming. Particularly in a down economy, entrepreneurs are faced with different hurdles and new types of opportunities. How does a small firm gain a foothold and become viable?

It is possible to succeed in this climate - but not without help. "Foundations for a New Practice" provides the basic building blocks to create a law practice for a new generation of lawyers. For real-world examples of how to build a successful law practice, click the links below and start watching on-demand.


I.   Top Tips for Starting a LawFirm     

II.  Successful Marketing Techniques to Grow Your Practice

III. Putting Technology to Work: Running a Small Firm with Big Technology

IV. Law Firm Financial Management: A Crash Course On What You Need to Get Started & Keep Afloat

V. The Small Business Owner: Managing Your Practice    

VI. Drafting A Business Plan: Putting It All Together


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