Massachusetts Solar Power: Meeting the Challenges of the 2021 Climate Act Amidst Regulatory and Siting Concerns (5/4/2022)

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Publish Date : 5/4/2022

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Massachusetts has set an ambitious agenda to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions, mandating attainment of net-zero emissions in 2050. As the energy transition from a predominantly fossil-fuel-based economy to a renewable-energy economy moves forward, extensive development of new solar energy systems is essential.  

Bringing a variety of perspectives from government, industry, and nonprofit sectors, our panelists provide a cutting-edge overview of this increasingly active area of policy and litigation, discussing challenges amidst the Climate Roadmap Act and the transition to using more solar power. We take a critical look at the existing regulatory landscape, siting challenges, and examples of litigation from solar projects in western Massachusetts. Viewers will hear about the municipal siting concerns addressed in the recently-argued Tracer Lane II Realty LLC v. City of Waltham matter in the SJC, gain practice tips related to future solar projects and insights on regulatory structures and policies (e.g., SMART Biomap), environmental justice considerations, and how these need to all play nicely together to achieve broader Global Warming Solutions Act goals.


Stephan Roundtree Jr.
Vote Solar

David S. Frankel
Office of the Massachusetts Attorney General

Heather Lynn Parent
Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection - Springfield Office

Courtney Feeley Karp
Klavens Law Group, P.C.

David Gahl
Solar Energy Industries Association

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